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Faux Beams

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Our faux beams are constructed by the most experienced and high-quality craftsman in the industry. Our workers are capable of completely improving the...

Faux Beam Encasement

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Faux Beam Encasements are as versatile as imagination permits. Our wooden beam encasements can be used to create new looks in drab...

Cabinetry Refinishing

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Showcase Beams only offers the finest, most environmentally friendly, beautiful, and affordable faux wood cabinet finishes here at Showcase Beams. Our...

Welcome To Showcase Beams

At Showcase Beams, we value the pursuit of home improvement and decor. Which is why we provide unmatched faux beams, garage door finishes, stone and brick work, cabinet finishes, and door finishes at convenient prices in Orange County, and in the rest of the Southern California area.

Our headquarters are located in San Marcos, and we provide our faux wood products and interior finishes anywhere in Orange County, CA and the Southern California region. By providing an all-in-one service, which includes a free estimation, product manufacturing, and installation, our services are much more convenient, affordable, and fun for both parties.

We want to develop a trusting relationship with our clients, and we are fully aware that trust is not and should not be awarded freely. We will work with you to make sure that all your needs are met and that all of your questions and concerns are appropriately and swiftly resolved.

Explore our website and the products we have to offer, and visit our Contact page if you are interested or have any questions or concerns.

Thank you!

The Showcase Beams Team