Cabinetry Refinishing

Cabinetry Refinishing

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Showcase Beams only offers the finest, most environmentally friendly, beautiful, and affordable faux wood cabinet finishes here at Showcase Beams.

Our expert craftsmen here at Showcase Beams are capable of refinishing islands, hutches, shelves, kitchen cabinets, living rooms, and entertainment centers. The faux wood finished cabinets are completely customizable with any color and style, and will completely elevate the feeling of your room.

The materials in all of our Faux Wood products are made by eco-friendly water-based products and raw materials, as opposed to oxygen-giving trees. As the owner of faux wood cabinetry finish, you will save money since the cost of creating faux wood is a fraction of the production of real wood finishes. Cabinetry refinishes also take drastically less time to install than their competition.

We guarantee that all of our services will make the interior of your home shine and nobody will be able to distinguish your faux wood cabinets from real wood ones.

Aside from wood finishes, we offer faux stone and brick encasements for your fireplace, finishes for your patio or yard, and much more. With all these products, elegance is only a phone call or email away.

Visit our gallery for examples of what we can offer your Orange County, CA home.

If you are interested in our cabinetry refinishing services, which includes a free estimation, or if you have any comments questions or concerns, do let us know. We welcome the opportunity to provide you with more information. Come on down!