Faux Beam Encasement

Faux Beam Encasement

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Faux Beam Encasements are as versatile as imagination permits. Our wooden beam encasements can be used to create new looks in drab old living spaces. Visit Showcase Beams have been searching for high-quality faux beam encasement in Orange County, CA.

We offer an amazing selection of different styles such as timber, rustic, sandblasted, etc. Additionally, a variety of different looks can be achieved through the incorporation of faux beams such as arched faux wooden beams, mouldings, etc. As previously mentioned, our faux beams can be used to create a variety of different design solutions.

Our hollow-body faux beams can be installed over the original beams that exist in a house, or to cover unsightly clutter such as piping, wiring, etc. This can be done for a number of reasons. First, while traditional faux beams are essential to structural integrity, they can be visually unappealing depending on the design style. This can easily be remedied with our hollow faux wooden beams! Second, different homeowners always have different tastes. This means that if you purchase an existing home you may want to change up the design style, and you never want multiple styles clashing in one living space. We offer a variety of different wood grains that offer a custom looks to suit many different tastes. Lastly, our faux beams can be used without any original support beams! Hence the name, faux beams!

Count on Showcase Beams to provide the best in faux wood beams! We’ll help you cover up those unsightly ceiling beams, and help give your living space the unique, design that you desire.